Friday, June 20, 2008

Video Page!

Good news! Our website now has a video page! At the moment it's reasonably rough-cut, since all I had to go on was a list of videos. They're in reverse chronological order (or as near to it as I could determine), so new stuff will always be on top.

I know, I'm terribly late with this announcement. I should have been able to post it weeks ago. But such is life: Things take a lot longer than you expect, especially when other things interfere.

So go ahead and watch some videos of our robot. I didn't get too much material from this year, but last year has a full complement of videos from the build season and competition. Enjoy! I'll see about getting this year's videos up by September or October.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"We Make Robots!"

TPT is partnering with MAKE Magazine to create a new series about what people make. They were filming at The Bakken; after a hectic 45 minutes to get the robot's grabber working again we had the oppurtunity to say "We Make Robots!" 43 times in the boiling sun while the robot picked up the trackball (and dropped it behind itself).

The show is sheduled to start in January, and we might be part of the intro clips for every show!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Move to the Bakken

We managed to stay ahead of the rain today when we moved into The Bakken. Special thanks to Tammy and her parents who drove.

The Bakken has an excellent workspace and experienced mentors; working with them this summer will be a great opportunity. Our first meeting to familiarize everyone with the workspace and tools will be next Saturday.