Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Find Out What We're Up To with the New Calendar Page

The website calendar page was launched last night, to much (actually not) fanfare and celebration. It will allow anyone (for now) to access upcoming scheduling information, including meetings, meets, and other events. Open access is, of course, subject to change. Perhaps, a distance in the future, we'll decide that leaving our schedule open to the world is unsafe, and I'll get to write a login system. (Fun!) Enjoy the wonderful Google-provided listing!

Also launched was a bare-bones credits page, which lists the authors of the various content items on the site (text, photos, etc.). For now, it is rather empty, but as more items are added to the site, our credits will grow (kind of like a short film turning into a three-hour feature).

So, that's pretty much the only update for now. Wish I had more to say, but I can't discuss anything in development.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blog Migrated to Subdomain; Tracking Added

Another brick has been placed in the foundation of the team's website. This blog is now hosted at a subdomain of the main website, providing nice integration between the main site and the blog. Users seeing swrobotics.com in the address bar will likely think of us as being more professional, and well they should.

I won't delve into too much detail, but our beloved Mark is responsible for much of the transition. He modified the settings on the website's hosting plan necessary to allow the blog migration; all I did was switch an option and enter a domain name in the blog's control panel. Congratulations, Mark! You've edited DNS records and lived to tell about it!

With the move comes a new feature. As with the main site, I have added Google Analytics tracking to this blog. The script uses cookies, which you may block if you so choose. We'll get less-accurate statistics if you do, but you should do whatever you think is best without worrying about this site or the main one.