Monday, October 15, 2007

Video Page On Deck

Next up in the website's continuing saga: the video page. Right now my computer is uploading some videos Mark pointed out to Google Video, so we'll have Flash-based players we can embed on the page. I'll also add the files to a /videos/ folder on the website where they'll be available for download via links on the video page. I might even go find a converter and create a second or third format (such as MP4) for people to download (even though Google Video provides a download option, it's low-quality). Some of the videos are sourced from a site that licenses them under a Creative Commons CC-by-SA license, and we'll have to show that on our site, but I'll take care of it. Hopefully, the page will be up in the next week or two (depending in part on how long these uploads take...).

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