Saturday, January 5, 2008

2008 FRC Kickoff

Our team was up early this Saturday morning, headed towards Coffman Union in preparation for the Minnesota Kickoff. After brownie bits and coffee, we were ready for the simulcast.

Messages about FIRST’s vision and gracious professionalism preceded the game animation. We also got Dean’s homework assignment – to get as much media coverage as possible. Our team is looking forward to the new challenge.

Finally, the game animation came. This year’s game has the standard 3 vs. 3 set-up, but there is very little defense; the arena is transformed into a track where robots race around carrying large balls to score points, and can shoot the balls over the rack for a bonus. The other variation in this year’s game is the replacement of autonomous mode with “hybrid” mode, where the 15 second beginning period isn’t entirely without feedback from the operators, but receives limited commands from the remote control of the team’s choice. For the entire video, see the NASA web cast.

The new Kit of Parts was picked up after the video and driven to my house (school was closed) where we took inventory. We are beginning the brainstorming process tomorrow, with sub-groups meeting tomorrow so everyone is ready to present their group’s idea on Monday.

We’re hoping unexpected designs can give us an unexpected advantage; it’s going to be an exciting season.

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