Sunday, March 16, 2008

Milwaukee Competition

The 3-day Milwaukee competition ended last Saturday afternoon. Among the winners was Washburn Robotics, a team that we mentored. We did not make it to the final round - we were not picked by one of the top 8 teams. I think that we had a very good robot. What we didn't have was a good strategy - we lost a few games from penalties and poor decisions. We ended the first day of competition winning only one game and losing four. Something we hadn't expected was interference to our IR remote from lap-counters - we had to reprogram the robot's hybrid mode.

On Saturday, we came prepared. A little more planning went a long way. We performed well and won 2 games out of 3. In the end, these competitions involve a lot of luck - a box with wheels and an excellent driver can win just as easily as a durable, sophisticated robot. This system gives rookie teams a chance and is in the spirit of gracious professionalism. It places emphasis not on winning, but on growing as a team and learning together. And that is what we did.

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